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ACU-Track: Collecting Evidence in Real World Clinical Practice

One of our main goals at HOPA is to help build the evidence-base for paediatric acupuncture. A great way to do this is by collecting evidence from our everyday clinical practice. To help achieve this goal, HOPA have partnered with ACU-Track, a new clinical outcomes tracking system specifically designed for acupuncturists.
ACU-Track allows practitioners to easily track and record their clinical results by using patient outcome questionnaires online.

“What if we all collected the results from our own clinics and combine them together into one database? Then we would have a large body of real-world evidence demonstrating the benefits of paediatric acupuncture!”

Recording clinical results and turning anecdotal reports into validated data

+ Send intake forms and patient questionnaires remotely via email

+ Record clinical notes and patient records online

+ GDPR and HIPAA compliant

HOPA and ACU-Track have developed a paediatric pathway using questionnaires designed specifically for monitoring clinical outcomes for children and adolescents. These questionnaires are quick and easy to complete and are sent out automatically via email at pre-defined time-points. This means that parents and their children can complete the questionnaires at home at their own convenience, without taking up any extra time in clinic.

Our questionnaires can monitor a wide range of health complaints, including the most common types of conditions and symptoms we see in our clinics:

  • Mental Health
  • Cognitive and Behavioural Issues
  • Pain
  • Sleep
  • Fatigue
  • Wellbeing

Our questionnaires are validated by paediatric health experts to ensure that practitioners are collecting accurate and meaningful information on their paediatric patients’ progress and improvement. 

Intake forms can be sent to children and their parents remotely via email before their appointment, helping practitioners save time in clinic. ACU-Track also lets practitioners record their clinical notes online, with comprehensive lists of acu-points, herbs and visual body charts for marking areas where cupping or massage are applied.

HOPA members can also use ACU-Track to monitor their adult patient outcomes as well.

Monitoring Clinical Outcomes

ACU-Track includes a real-time analytics and reporting suite which allows practitioners to easily monitor their paediatric outcomes with a range of visual graphs and charts. This data can show which patients are progressing well and if any specific patients are not improving as quickly as expected and may need to be re-assessed. This data is directly useful for practitioners and can be used to help inform their clinical decision making.

Communicating Our Results

As part of our mission HOPA is building a large clinical outcomes database for paediatric acupuncture using the data collected via ACU-Track by our members. This allows us to provide medical practices, healthcare providers and insurers with real data on how much better paediatric patients can expect to get when they receive acupuncture, for which conditions, and for what cost. This data can also help inform patient choices about their healthcare. It can also be communicated with children’s disease-specific charities and organisations which often compile their own recommendations on which treatments patients can seek. 

Individual practitioners and clinics can also download a report of their clinical outcomes data from ACU-Track to help spread the word at a local level. This data can be used for marketing purposes and to communicate their results directly with their local medical or GP practices as well as prospective patients and parents.

This initiative has the potential to significantly boost the status of paediatric acupuncture globally as an evidence-based healthcare choice. HOPA members can easily become part of this journey with us by signing up to ACU-Track and starting to record their clinical results!